This is a recipe I’ve had sitting on my Pinterest board for a while. As fate would have it we had a bunch of caramels left over from Halloween. It’s actually a super quick and easy recipe to make. I think it took about as much time to unwrap all those darn caramels as it took to do everything else.

The only changes to recipe that I made was to use milk instead of cream. I also added a bit of oat bran to the oatmeal and a splash of vanilla. Next time I would definitely also sprinkle some salt on top of the caramel layer to liven things up a bit. I also recommend using parchment paper if you want them to look nice and if you ever want to use your pan again. Sadly, I did not do this so I have mad scrubbing in my future.






As for how they turned out, they are good. Nice texture, nice balance of flavours and just enough amount of sweet. I wouldn’t say they are the best squares I’ve ever had, but I think that’s because I’m a chocolate girl through and through, and these aren’t very chocolatey. They are still really great though and I will make them again next time I have caramels lying around.



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