Grocery and Goals Update

We did much better for groceries this week. Squash was on sale so we bought a bunch, probably enough to see us through the winter. I also bought a big bag of apples, a few sweet potatoes, spinach, bananas and collard greens. So, we did pretty good for fruits and veggies. I feel like we haven’t been doing very well with actually cooking though. Lately our dinners haven’t been very satisfying. Especially because there haven’t been good leftovers for lunches. I think we need to get back into meal planning. I think because it gets dark so early now that I feel rushed for dinner and we just end up throwing some things together.

Anyways, the total for groceries this week is $44.31. Not too bad.

As for goals, I’m doing pretty well. I’m onto day 19 of my 30 day yoga challenge. I just realized the other day that I can actually touch my toes from standing with straight legs now for the first time since I was probably about 4. The yoga challenge is amazing. I’m definitely doing to continue using the videos after this month.

We also finished painting one room. It’s much brighter than I expected, but it’s what Kurt wanted so I can live with it. Hopefully once we get the furniture back it that will absorb some of the intense glow. We bought the paint for the other room and the hall so we are good to go with that too.

We got the gardens completely prepped for winter. Which I mentioned here. Sadly we had crazy wind storms a few days after I had carefully laid all of those newspaper, so they blew away. Boo. Otherwise though, the gardens are good to go, which is good since we’ve already had some wintery weather.

The last goal was to finish my Christmas shopping. I haven’t quite gotten to this yet, but I am hopeful that I can still get it done!

I hope your Novemebers are going productive and enjoyable!

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