Grocery Budget

We don’t really usually keep track of how much we spend on groceries. That being said, we are very careful about what we buy. We almost never buy food (other than a few staple items) unless on sale. We also buy very little processed foods. I’ve decided to keep track of our food costs this month so that I can see what how much we spend and so that we can potentially set a monthly grocery limit.

So, here are our total from this week was $48.12.


We went to three stores. I don’t have a picture of our Costco receipt, but we bought 6 cans of pole caught tuna for $10.99. This week was definitely not the norm as most of what we bought was not fruits and vegetables. There were a lot of sales on staple items and we already had enough vegetables in the fridge. Also, we try to buy our produce from a local market in the fall, rather than from the grocery store (obviously, this doesn’t apply to bananas, pineapples or avocados!)

At the end of the month (after we see how we did) I will share some tips for saving money at the grocery store!

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