Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving


Even if it’s not Thanksgiving where you live, be thankful and have a slice of pie!

Canning Apple Sauce

Last weekend was an extra productive one for us. We ripped the carpets out from our whole upstairs (holy cow it was gross, straining and time consuming), and painted a bathroom. We also managed to make apple sauce, pumpkin butter and cinnamon buns.

For apple sauce this year I did something new, using my tomato mill. This was great because it saved all that peeling and coring time, also it allows for much higher yields, because less is lost. It does, however, lead to less pure looking apple sauce. There are some slight dots of red in there. So I wouldn’t use this method if you plan to enter your sauce in the county fair.

We used a huge variety of apples. We always pick whatever tastes and looks good when we go picking, but then forget the names and which ones are which by the time we get home. I personally don’t think it matters much. Again, not for the county fair.


All we did was wash them, cut them into eights and throw the pieces into a pot with about a cup of water. Cook until the apples are squishy, then pass it all through the food mill. Don’t burn yourself. I also put the ‘waste’ mush through a couple times, but this depends on your mill and if you’re fine with ‘B’ grade sauce.


If it’s not as thick as you’d like it you can cook it down, but I just put mine into hot, sterilized jars, lidded them and then processed for 10 minutes.



I use my homemade applesauce in baking as a replacement for oil and just for eating.

What Do I Desire?

Please watch this video than think hard about it.

I think we live in a world (or at least a society) where dollars speak and people listen. I think that if more people were doing a job (or whatever) because they loved doing it the world would change. Children would be better adjusted, marriages would be happier, we’d have less heart attacks, obesity and stress, school would be a means to happiness rather than money and success. We’d have less of a consumerism problem because people would be satisfied and not buying to fulfill something they don’t understand. I think more of the world’s problems would be solved since many people have a passion for this, but don’t want to live with not-for-profit salaries.

Because really, shouldn’t we be measuring success by how happy we are, not by how big our houses are, what kind of car
we drive, or what model of i phone we have?

You will say, it’s not that easy. Make it that easy. Do what you love doing. That’s it.

Easy Pumpkin Craft


(Try to ignore our nasty carpet in these pictures, we just bought new flooring and will install it as soon as my arms re-attach themselves from carrying 1500 pounds of flooring out of Home Depot, then into the house)

I saw this and just had to make it. It’s the perfect crafty decoration in my eyes for two reason. One it used things that I already had and two, I can disassemble it at the end of the season and not have to store it.

The directions are pretty straight forwards. Get some jar lids (the rings), make sure they are all the same size. I think I used 24 (the source I got this idea from painted her lids, I prefer them unpainted, especially for reuse purposes). Get some string.


Watch out for the string entourage. They can smell string from miles away and will flock to it.



String your jar lids onto the string, all pointing the same direction.


Put the lids into a circle shape and tie the ends of the string together fairly tightly, this may take some co-ordination. Especially if you are fending off the string entourage.


Use an elastic to make a bunch of cinnamon sticks (I just broke them off to the size I wanted, but there is probably a better way to do this). Stick the bunch into the middle of your pumpkin.


If you’re feeling fancy you can add a ribbon or something.

Step back and admire how crafty you are.

Lazy Tuna Melt

The other day we didn’t really feel like making anything elaborate for dinner. Something fast, easy, but still yummy.
Here’s what I came up with:



I took tuna (pole caught), drained it and mixed it with just a tiny bit of mayo and some diced shallots (which I think taste just like onions, but Kurt claims they are much better, I think this is a Food Network influenced opinion). I spread it on English muffins with some spinach and put a bit of cheese on top. About 5 minutes in the toaster oven, and dinner’s ready!

It may not be the greatest dinner, there definitely weren’t very many nutrients involved, but it was quick and satisfying. It doesn’t always have to be crazy healthy. A lazy day is okay sometimes (as long as no Swanson tv dinners are involved).