What Do I Desire?

Please watch this video than think hard about it.

I think we live in a world (or at least a society) where dollars speak and people listen. I think that if more people were doing a job (or whatever) because they loved doing it the world would change. Children would be better adjusted, marriages would be happier, we’d have less heart attacks, obesity and stress, school would be a means to happiness rather than money and success. We’d have less of a consumerism problem because people would be satisfied and not buying to fulfill something they don’t understand. I think more of the world’s problems would be solved since many people have a passion for this, but don’t want to live with not-for-profit salaries.

Because really, shouldn’t we be measuring success by how happy we are, not by how big our houses are, what kind of car
we drive, or what model of i phone we have?

You will say, it’s not that easy. Make it that easy. Do what you love doing. That’s it.

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