Easy Pumpkin Craft


(Try to ignore our nasty carpet in these pictures, we just bought new flooring and will install it as soon as my arms re-attach themselves from carrying 1500 pounds of flooring out of Home Depot, then into the house)

I saw this and just had to make it. It’s the perfect crafty decoration in my eyes for two reason. One it used things that I already had and two, I can disassemble it at the end of the season and not have to store it.

The directions are pretty straight forwards. Get some jar lids (the rings), make sure they are all the same size. I think I used 24 (the source I got this idea from painted her lids, I prefer them unpainted, especially for reuse purposes). Get some string.


Watch out for the string entourage. They can smell string from miles away and will flock to it.



String your jar lids onto the string, all pointing the same direction.


Put the lids into a circle shape and tie the ends of the string together fairly tightly, this may take some co-ordination. Especially if you are fending off the string entourage.


Use an elastic to make a bunch of cinnamon sticks (I just broke them off to the size I wanted, but there is probably a better way to do this). Stick the bunch into the middle of your pumpkin.


If you’re feeling fancy you can add a ribbon or something.

Step back and admire how crafty you are.

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