Pumpkin Puree

I love pumpkins, squashes and gourds. I just think they are so beautiful. They are also super healthy and tasty.


An easy way to enjoy these benefits year round is by pureeing your own pumpkin. It’s super easy. All you have to do is cut the pumpkin in half, clean out the guts using the side of a spoon (keep the seeds to roast, feed the yucky stringy parts to your worms if you have them, they will turn a lovely orange). Cut the clean halves up into chunks and roast them on baking sheets at 350 for about 45 minutes, or until tender. Then, once its cool, just peel the skin off and puree in batches in a blender or food processor. You can either use it right away in your favourite pumpkin recipe, or freeze it for later



Why make it if you can just buy it? It literally takes minutes of actual work, plus pumpkins are dirt cheap in the fall, and this way, I actually end up using the pumpkin. It goes like this: I think, gee I would like to bake/cook something, I have pumpkin, perhaps I should use that and I end up with a delicious and healthy product. Otherwise I would look at a recipe and say, nope no pumpkin in the house, and move on to another idea.


Another great reason is that most people don’t realize how easy it is, so if you serve them pumpkin pie and say you made it completely from scratch, from pumpkins, they are really impressed.

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