Healthy Vs. Low Fat

Sometimes I post a meal idea or recipe and I describe it as healthy, but then I think that maybe some people would disagree. When I say ‘healthy’ I mean nutritious, as in containing vitamins, minerals and other good stuff. I would never describe a recipe as healthy because it contains only 50 calories. In our house, we don’t often often consider the fat, calories or sugars in the foods that we eat. We just try to eat a well balanced diet.


We don’t follow fads, like demonizing gluten, or wheat or sugar. Instead we focus on eating a varied diet, filled with nutrient dense foods, like greens, nuts and whole grains. We also eat almost exclusively whole foods. By this I mean we buy very few canned, boxed or processed foods. We prefer to buy or grow fresh foods and process, or prepare them ourselves.


I’m not telling anyone how they should eat, or saying that I know anything about diet and nutrition. I’m just saying healthy isn’t always low fat. We eat to put good things into our bodies to keep them running, and try to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible.


Just some food for thought!

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