Cauliflower Sauce

This is an interesting recipe. It’s ridiculously simple, fairly healthy and quite tasty. I think you’d even be able to get picky kids to eat it. It can also be vegan. You can call it cauliflower white sauce, veggie cream sauce, vegan alfredo sauce. Whatever you call it, you should try it. Especially if you bought a head of cauliflower the size of a large watermelon like we did ($2 at the farmer’s market, score!).

All you do is take some saute some garlic in oil or butter, and boil some cauliflower. Take said garlic and cauliflower (plus either some broth or a wee bit of the water used to boil) and put it in a food processor. Wait to cool. I didn’t do this and was quite surprised when liquid started seeping through the cracks. Blend until smooth. Add some milk if you want and maybe some parmesan (we added both those plus some prosciutto). That’s it. Seriously.


The website where I got the recipe (which I didn’t really follow because I didn’t have a clue what 5-7 cauliflower florets was) mentions some uses for this sauce. We stuck to pasta this time, but I would strongly consider putting it on rice.

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