Making Soap- First Attempt

This past weekend we attended a soap making class. It was something we had been wanting to try for a while, but I was really afraid of the lye and the possibility for death. A class was a great way to ease into it and learn from a human, instead of just a book and youtube.

The class was put on by the owner of HomeSpun Dazzle, Claire. She did a fantastic job. The class was super informative and we both feel comfortable taking on soap making at home now. Though the lye was scary, I think a certain level of fear when using dangerous stuff will help you be cautious.

So, we each made one batch of soap, and I also won the one that the teacher prepared in a little raffle. We brought them home and had to wait 24 hours to take them out of the molds. The anticipation was hard to bear!

Here are our creations:


This is Kurt’s. He made an orange poppy seed soap.



I made lavender. I attempted a swirl.


This is the batch the teacher made. I’m not sure what essential oil she used, but it smells really good and her swirl turned out a little better than mine.


Here they all are standing at attention together as they cure in the basement. We have to let them cure for 4-6 weeks to make sure it’s safe. In the meantime the basement is going to smell wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Making Soap- First Attempt

  1. My husband and I really wanted to get into cold process soap making. We’ve read books, watched videos and talked to others who had done it. We even bought some molds and things. After much research and thought we have decided that with 3 cats, a dog and a little boy – with no dedicated space to leave the soap to cure – that we will not be making cold process soap. We may dabble with the glycerin variety of home made soaps for fun though. Yep, Lye is very scary indeed!

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