OMG Chocolate Tart

A few weeks ago was Kurt’s birthday. We always spend the day at his dad’s cottage and his dad makes french onion soup. I asked what kind of cake he wanted. He surprised me by requesting the chocolatiest thing I could make (I was expecting him to request something fruity). I knew just the thing. It was something I had pinned awhile back. They called it a Chocolate Truffle Tart, but I don’t think that does it justice. The recipe seemed easy enough and I only had to buy a couple of things. Of course, it become less easy when I realized I had forgotten many of the things I needed (ie springform pan) and so I had to make a late night run to meet my brother (who was luckily voluteering near the cottage) and have him bring me the forgotten things.

Anyways, I made the cake while Kurt and his dad went fishing for the day. It was quite a relaxing dessert since you make the crust, let it bake (while reading on the deck), then let it cool (while sitting by the water) then make the filling and let it bake (while napping on the couch).




The OMG part comes in with the richness of it. Definitely don’t cut large pieces (though you may want several small ones). This dessert is delicious and unbelievably chocolatey. If you have a chocolate lover in your life I would recommend this, just make sure you have all the necessary tools and ingredients before you go half an hour out of town!



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