Easiest Curtains Ever

Whenever I am at my mom’s I go to Jo Ann’s. Man I love that store. I could just stand and stare at the pretty pretty fabric forever. Luckily I don`t get to go too often or else we would be in serious financial and storage trouble. Last time I was there I bought fabric to make curtains for the bedroom. I`ve never bought so much or one kind of fabric before. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time.

In the Spring I had made a trip to Ikea and bought everything I would need to hang the curtains. I bought a rod, the thingies that hold the rod (I still need to get one more of these for the middle) and curtain clips.

The curtain clips and only using one fabric made this the easiest sewing project ever! I started by washing, drying and ironing the fabric (my least favourite part). Then I sewed around all of the edges. After I spread it out on the floor and smoothed it all down. I had Kurt hold the folded end tight and I cut the length of fabric in half. I then sewed the two cut edges and voila! Done.
To hang them I just divided the clips in two and attached them to the curtains. Easy, and it took half an hour. IMG_3865


I no longer have to crouch down when changing! And, yes, we still need trim for the window. But the room is starting to look put together. Big projects are nice, but I think the little projects actually make a bigger impact on a room overall.

What will get done next? I have no idea!

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