Being Home…And Beets

Well we are finally home for a week or so. Then we are heading back north for Kurt’s birthday. So. Much. Travelling. After staying at my mom’s for a while (or anywhere for that matter) it’s so nice to come back and be in my own space. I really miss cooking for Kurt and I in our own kitchen when we are away for extended times. It’s just so enjoyable to be in my own space. We’ve been eating from the garden and biking to the market just down the street. The corn is ready and it is fantastic this year.

Anyways, we’ve had quite a few beets from the market and from thinning out our own patch. Beets are one of those brilliant vegetables where the entire thing can be eaten. Beets greens and beets are so different, yet both are delicious.


As for greens they are great in salads or sauteed. Really anything you’d use other greens in works.


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