Photo Book- Year Two


It’s that time of year again. I’m back to making photo books (this year I’m making two- one wedding one). I’m using Picaboo again because I got another deal. Seriously, never pay full price for one of these things. I’m fairly frustrated with the website this time though. Nothing seems to have changed so it might be just me (or my increasingly slow computer).

I’m just at the point where I’m going through my pictures and choosing which ones to use. I’ve noticed that we don’t take very many pictures of ourselves. We honestly have more pictures of Homer in boxes that we do of ourselves from this year.


Okay, this is Homer ON a box, but you get the idea.

Going through the pictures, I can see the stuff that we’ve done, but it’s almost like we’re absent from it. I know it’s because we are the ones taking the pictures, so it is hard to include ourselves. But from now on I’m going to try to make an effort to take more people pictures. I want us to be included in our family photos. This year we will become masters of the timer setting on our camera!


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