Wedding Decor- The Little Things

I tried to keep things as simple as possible for the wedding. I didn’t worry about the plain wooden chairs we had rented from a nearby community centre. I didn’t have any fancy typical wedding décor. I just did I what I thought looked nice. The location where we had the wedding (my grandparents’ farm) is beautiful enough that I didn’t need too much stuff.

We had flowers everywhere. Planted all over the yard, hanging from the tent, and as I’ve already talked about, on the tables. I also bought little lanterns that were placed in different places.

For the tables we had white plastic table cloths (from the dollar store), burlap runners (which we cut ourselves from a bolt to save money), and then the clusters of flowers and mason jars. I had candles in the lanterns and mason jars, but they never got lit. Because of the weather, they probably wouldn’t have lasted long anyways!

We had two white tents set up. We originally wanted to put the food in them, but because of the constant threat of rain we put the tables and chairs in them. The same chairs were used for the ceremony and the lunch, we just turned the chairs. There were hanging baskets with flowers and paper lanterns hanging from the tents.


We also had a wooden gazebo, which my dad built earlier in the summer. This was where we housed the guest book, favours and gift table. After the ceremony, we moved everything and put the salads and desserts there. The food for the bbq was outside. In the gazebo I had flowers, lanterns, and pictures hanging.


For a ‘guest book’ I had small paper hearts for people to sign, we also had a matte for a picture that someone gave us. For favours, I had the seed packets and someone brought bagged jelly beans. I also prepared little buckets with toys for the kids.


All in all, we didn’t have too much for decorations, but because the ceremony was at 11, there’s no way we could have got more set up. Everything looked beautiful, colourful and simple and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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