Sewing Room Organization

My sewing table shares a room with Kurt’s computer, and our school and craft supplies. It’s not a very big room, but it has a lot of furniture. Too much furniture. I had my fabric in drawers. This was annoying because whenever I needed to look for something, or look through my fabric I would have to take everything out. It also caused a lot more wrinkles that I would have liked.

I came up with a solution to these problems quite easily. Clothes hangers. I sorted through all of my fabric vaguely organized it and then hung it all from hangers in a way that I can see it all at once. Now I can find anything easily and we can reduce one piece of furniture in the room. Easy, fast solution!



Chocolate Bread Pudding

I’ve wanted to make bread pudding for a while. The problem is I never seemed to have enough left over bread at one time. Now that we have a freezer full of buns left over from the wedding, I thought it would be a good opportunity.


I followed this recipe. The only changes I made was that I didn’t cut off the crusts (I didn’t really notice them, but might have with a crusty bread) and I used about a half a cup of whipping cream topped up with 2% instead of the cream.


I made them in ramekins and they turned out really well. Better than I expected actually. Never having had bread pudding before I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was just like gooey cake cubes. Very rich and delicious.


Starting a Quilt

I’ve decided to make another quilt for our bed. I thought I would go through what I do in the beginning of the quilt making process.

Firstly, I choose a pattern. These days I usually just check out my sewing Pinterest board to do this. I’m thinking this pattern right now, but I hold the right to change my mind (many times).

Next I choose colours. To do this I either randomly pick what I think would look nice, use a picture of a quilt for inspiration, or else use a piece of fabric. I actually really like the colours of the quilt I linked to above, so I’m thinking of going with blues and chartreuse. Either that or blues with hits of coral. Not sure yet.


The last step before any actual work starts is to start building a collection of fabric to use. Sometimes Daisy helps.


First I start with what I already have. I choose one that catches my eye and look for others that look good with it. Once I know what I have I can start looking for more fabric. I don’t really have a good fabric store near me so I will probably be looking online this time around. I’m thinking it will be much harder to get the tone right, but I’m hoping for the best! If anyone has any favourite fabric websites let me know!

Easiest Curtains Ever

Whenever I am at my mom’s I go to Jo Ann’s. Man I love that store. I could just stand and stare at the pretty pretty fabric forever. Luckily I don`t get to go too often or else we would be in serious financial and storage trouble. Last time I was there I bought fabric to make curtains for the bedroom. I`ve never bought so much or one kind of fabric before. It was scary and exhilarating at the same time.

In the Spring I had made a trip to Ikea and bought everything I would need to hang the curtains. I bought a rod, the thingies that hold the rod (I still need to get one more of these for the middle) and curtain clips.

The curtain clips and only using one fabric made this the easiest sewing project ever! I started by washing, drying and ironing the fabric (my least favourite part). Then I sewed around all of the edges. After I spread it out on the floor and smoothed it all down. I had Kurt hold the folded end tight and I cut the length of fabric in half. I then sewed the two cut edges and voila! Done.
To hang them I just divided the clips in two and attached them to the curtains. Easy, and it took half an hour. IMG_3865


I no longer have to crouch down when changing! And, yes, we still need trim for the window. But the room is starting to look put together. Big projects are nice, but I think the little projects actually make a bigger impact on a room overall.

What will get done next? I have no idea!

Garden Colcannon

We harvested our potatoes and onions to make room to try some more carrots (don’t tell the bunnies). We weren’t really expecting either crop to do much since they were planted from some old grocery store vegetables that got left in the garage and became rather…dubious. We were quite surprised that we got what we did.



The onions were pretty tiny, but they tasted really good.

We picked some kale from the garden and made colcannon. It’s an Irish dish that comes as a side at one of our favourite restaurants. It’s basically just mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale. We also added onions and butter.

Delicious, healthy and everything but the butter came from our yard! I love that.


Bathroom Renos

I had all these plans about the order we were going to renovate our house in. The bathroom was fairly low on the list, but then I decided to re-caulk the tub.

After that I figured I should just go ahead and fix the black chips in the tub, since that was just a little job too. I used a product called Mr. Touchup. It looks just like nail polish and you apply it the same way, after cleaning and sanding. It did a fantastic job.

I thought after that I would fix the chips in the sink, but then I realized even if I fixed them there would still be a rust stain from the overflow drain. This was when I started looking at sink prices. If we were getting a new sink, we might as well have a new faucet since the one we have is old and gross.

At Home Depot, when buying the sink and faucet (got both for $80!), I saw that the porcelain tile we had always admired was on major sale….so now we have 3 cases of tile waiting to be installed. Waiting mainly because we do not know how to install tile…

I also replaced the toilet seat. It made me feel useful while I was sitting around waiting for Kurt to fix the faucet after I ‘installed it’ (don’t tell anyone, but I had to watch a YouTube video to find out how to do it).

That is the story of how a few tiny jobs can turn into a major renovation. Be warned.



**Note the expertly installed toilet seat**

Two Funny Things…

I came across this post about how to see if any of your pictures have been pinned. So I checked it out…and apparently the only thing pin worthy around here is Homer. I mean, I agree and all, I just thought it was funny. Thanks for the love Abbey K!

In other news, a few weeks ago my mom bought me this chick mug. I thought it was amazing and I knew just what I wanted to do with it. I picked up some succulents at the greenhouse and voila:


Chickulent Chuck. If he isn’t pin worthy, I don’t know what is…other than Homer of course.

Being Home…And Beets

Well we are finally home for a week or so. Then we are heading back north for Kurt’s birthday. So. Much. Travelling. After staying at my mom’s for a while (or anywhere for that matter) it’s so nice to come back and be in my own space. I really miss cooking for Kurt and I in our own kitchen when we are away for extended times. It’s just so enjoyable to be in my own space. We’ve been eating from the garden and biking to the market just down the street. The corn is ready and it is fantastic this year.

Anyways, we’ve had quite a few beets from the market and from thinning out our own patch. Beets are one of those brilliant vegetables where the entire thing can be eaten. Beets greens and beets are so different, yet both are delicious.


As for greens they are great in salads or sauteed. Really anything you’d use other greens in works.

Photo Book- Year Two


It’s that time of year again. I’m back to making photo books (this year I’m making two- one wedding one). I’m using Picaboo again because I got another deal. Seriously, never pay full price for one of these things. I’m fairly frustrated with the website this time though. Nothing seems to have changed so it might be just me (or my increasingly slow computer).

I’m just at the point where I’m going through my pictures and choosing which ones to use. I’ve noticed that we don’t take very many pictures of ourselves. We honestly have more pictures of Homer in boxes that we do of ourselves from this year.


Okay, this is Homer ON a box, but you get the idea.

Going through the pictures, I can see the stuff that we’ve done, but it’s almost like we’re absent from it. I know it’s because we are the ones taking the pictures, so it is hard to include ourselves. But from now on I’m going to try to make an effort to take more people pictures. I want us to be included in our family photos. This year we will become masters of the timer setting on our camera!

Wedding Advice

Now that the wedding it all over I though I would offer some advice on things that I did that helped/things I wish I had done.

1. Have a plan, but be flexible

I think we did pretty well with this one. We made things work despite the weather and made the best of it. There are a few things that I think I should have planned out a bit better ahead of time to avoid some confusion and chaos though. For example having a list of who is doing what and what should be done when would have helped.

2. Make sure everyone knows their role

I wish I had done a better job of this. I felt like when we were setting up we didn’t really have enough help because a lot of our help took on their own projects (which weren’t necessarily things I wanted done) and so we didn’t really have enough help setting up outside. Also people brought things without letting us know so we ended up with a lot of things that we didn’t need. This is probably would have been hard to avoid without hurting people’s feelings, but I
wish I could/would have told people, if you want to help you can do such and such, and everything will be taken care of. Maybe this is just my family and their communication/listening problems though!

3. Assign someone to bring you food/drinks

This may sound strange and unnecessary, but I would seriously suggest it. I went the whole day without having anything to drink and this caused a serious migraine later in the day. It’s important to stay hydrated and fed, but you may not remember with no much else to do.

4. Ask someone to take pictures of everything set up

I didn’t do this and so we don’t really have any pictures of everything set up before people arrived.

5. Have a list of pictures for your photographer

My aunt did the photography and she made sure I did this before hand. It really helped keep things orderly and it made sure that we got pictures of all of the groups that we wanted. I’ve been told by friends that they were so disappointed when they got their photos and realized that they didn’t have one with their brother, or whatever.

So there you have it, five pieces of advice from a recent bride!