Belize- A Quick Overview

We made it back! It was sad to leave, but nice to be home. Especially considering my sunburn. I will do a few posts on our trip focussing on specific things, but for now, I just thought I’d do a quick snapshot.

Belize 1 112

The first half of our trip was spent in the jungle, in a little town called Succotz, just outside the Guatemala border. It’s not a super touristy area, so it was great because we really got to see how people live there. We ate a whole lot of beans and rice with corn tortillas.

Belize 1 257

We visited three Mayan sites while in this area. They were astounding in their vastness. It was really amazing to learn about this culture and to see how advanced they were. One of the sites was a cave where the Mayan’s made human sacrifices. The formations in the cave were beautiful and it was definitely a challenging experience.

Belize 1 314

For the second half of the trip we headed out to the islands. We stayed in a little oceanview cabana on Caye Caulker. It was nice to experience the slow island way of life. We swam, watched for fish from the pier, ate fish and went snorkeling on the reef. Fantastic.

We found Belize to be a great place to travel because the food is great, the scenery is breathtaking and the people are genuinely nice. We never felt unsafe or taken advantage of. Also, they speak English, which helps!

I will try to post more details about our trip once a week.

Wedding Clothes

I chose my wedding dress fairly early on in the engagement. I didn’t order it right away because I needed to make sure it would fit. The website I ordered it from make it to measure. You just fill in a few of your measurements and then it’s made. I do have to say, I was nervous about ordering online and talking to people about it certainly didn’t make it better, but when the dress arrived it fit perfectly. It is longer than I would have liked, and because of the tulle-y fabric on the outside it can’t be shortened without changing the appearance. It is also very well made. The only problem I had with the whole process was that the customs fees when it arrived were half the cost of the dress! I was definitely not expecting that. Still, all together it cost me significantly less than any other dress would have, and I do love it.

Shoes were much harder. I knew what I wanted and I scoured the mall time and time again, but I just couldn’t find anything. I eventually ordered a pair I liked online, but when they arrived and I tried them on with my dress it was clear that they wouldn’t work. I was about to settle and just buy some sandals that were appropriate, but not at all what I wanted, when I finally found what I wanted. They are really close to what I wanted, and they only cost $24! So, the moral is: don’t settle!

Beating Sickness

A few days before our trip I started to feel crappy. Kind of like a cold was coming on, which of course wouldn’t do. I kicked into recovery mode. Lots of water, lots of tea and smoothies with every vitamin rich things I could get my hands on. Here is a smoothie for you:



Two handfuls of spinach, a big glug of orange juice and almond milk, frozen strawberries, blueberries and some grapes. It tasted good and I actually felt better afterwards. Smoothies are so great.

Health While Travelling

When we were planning our trip one of the first things I looked into was what health concerns we should have when going to Belize. I used a government website to make sure that the information was up to date and accurate. Based on the what I read we decided to get a Hepatitis vaccine. We were previously vaccinated for Hep B, but not A, and that was more than 10 years ago, so we got the Twinrex shot. It hurt like the dickens, but I feel much safer now. And at least all of our other vaccines are up to date.

There are other precautions we will be taking while travelling, such as wearing insect repellent and sunscreen (and reapplying regularly), as well as trying to remember to stay hydrated. I will also be taking probiotics during the trip since my stomach is often an issue.

There is nothing worse than getting sick for getting in the way of enjoying a vacation so it’s important to be prepared, especially if you are a newbie to travelling away from your own continent (intercontinental?) like us.

Real Homes- Guest Room

The first room for my Real Homes series that I would like to share with you is our guest room. This is probably my favourite room in the house, not because we use it the most, but because I’ve put the most thought and care into it.



It isn’t a big room, so there are only two pictures. The quilt (though in the picture above it is flipped over so that the back is showing) and curtains I made myself. The dresser was something I bought on kijiji and then sanded down and painted. The photo heart wall was another of my creations. The pictures on the dresser (though hard to see) are something Kurt drew for me for a project in school.

We haven’t done anything with the floors (stay tuned…) or the paint. We really love the colour so we will keep it for now, even though there are holes and other problems with the walls.

Anyways, I really love this room and I love when people come so that they can stay in it and enjoy all of the handmade goodness!

Remember, if you have a room that you would like to share just send me an email at

Freezing Strawberries

Strawberry season is short. If you don’t pay attention to when the fields are open, you may miss it. Luckily, I drive by the farm where we pick fairly often, so I can stay on top of it. Despite rain and partly flooded fields, we headed out to pick one evening. We picked about 12 litres (two big baskets), as well as two bellies full. We saved some for strawberry shortcake, but since the rest we froze. We only really use strawberries in smoothies and for eating with granola so frozen is what works best for us.

The first thing I did was dump half a basket’s worth into a strainer and washed them well. Next I cut the green off, and checked for any yucky spots. Once cleaned I placed each one on a cookie sheet. When the cookie sheet was full without the berries touching, I popped it into the freezer. I can fit one cookie sheet in the top of my freezer and two round cake pans in the baskets below. Once the strawberries were thoroughly frozen I took them off the pans and put them into large freezer bags. This way we can take out however many we need since they aren’t frozen together. We got 3 large freezer bags worth. Now we can enjoyed strawberries that we picked and processed ourselves, hopefully all year long!





Wedding Beauty

Happy Canada Day! We are spending our day driving to the airport hotel. Hopefully we will be able to see some firework from there.

For our wedding there are many things we have done to save and spend as little as possible. One such thing is making our food. Another smaller thing is that I will be doing my own hair and makeup. I was planning on doing my own nails as well, but then I thought that going to get my nails done with a friend is a fun tradition that I would like to do (especially since I’ve never gotten a pedicure in my life).

For my hair, I plan to have it down in loose curls. I’ve been practicing for a few months now to get it right. I used youtube videos to learn how to do it with my straightener, since I’m generally lost when it comes to this type of this. I also purchased flower hair clips from here on etsy.


(phone picture, sorry for the quality)

For my makeup, I’m not really sure what I’m doing yet. The only makeup thing I regularly wear is mascara. I’ve bought some mineral makeup to use and other than that I think I will just do something simple with my eyes and put on some coloured lip gloss and that will be that. Since it’s an outdoor event at my family’s farm I don’t have to do anything fancy.

I’m trying to keep things simple and reflective of who I am and I think these are some ways to do this. I will be posting on wedding clothes soon also, so stay tuned!