Wedding Decor- Flowers

Flowers proved to be one of the trickier parts of the wedding planning. I knew exactly what I wanted and had pinned all these gorgeous pictures of wild flower arrangements in mason jars, with plans to do the same thing. However, when I actually got around to inquiring about the prices of the flowers, I was shocked, $8 for one flower! Also, many of the flowers I wanted are unavailable in July. Darn.

So onto Plan B. About a week before I went around to all of the grocery stores and scouted who had the best flowers for good prices. Two days before the wedding I drove around to 3 stores and bought a bunch of bouquets. The night before I separated all of the flowers into piles and put them into a big bucket of water for the night.


The day of I arranged smaller bouquets and put them into the old bottles that I had previously spray painted. I put the bottles in clusters on the tables with the little mason jars I had glued lace to. I also put some in antique jars and put them on the gift and favour table.


I really loved that there was a large variety of flower types. This really made the tables cheery and colourful.
The flowers have lasted an amazingly long time. I now have them in vases all over the place and it is such a happy reminder of our day every time I see one.

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