Simple Guacamole

This recipe is so simple it seems silly even to write about it, but it is my go to guacamole for when I want something fast and not too labour intensive. I do sometimes make a more complex guacamole, but this is my norm.


I take an avocado (or two or three, or whatever, depending on how much you want).Obviously you want to make sure it’s ripe (it should feel fairly soft). I cut it in half and take out the stone by whacking it with a knife then pulling it out. I squish each half a little bit in my hand (to help with mashing later), then scrape it out with the side of a fork. Once all of the avocado is in the bowl I mash it with the fork. I dice some onion and either just add it this way or put it through a garlic press to mash it up. I then add a little lime juice and a tiny bit of salt. Done. Unless you want to add cilantro or something else.


We eat this with tortilla chips, tacos, and homemade tortillas. Delicious, quick and healthy.


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