Food in Belize

As I mentioned before, the food in Belize was a lot of beans and rice, which in my opinion, is great. We did try some different things though. I will try to highlight some of the best things we ate.

One of our best meals was definitely the lunch we made at the communal kitchen at our cabin. We went to the market that morning and bought fresh fruit and then went to the grocer in the village and bought some local cheese and fresh tortillas. It was fantastic.

Belize 1 225

Another cool thing we had was a fresh coconut. A man was selling them on the street. He would use a machete and make a hole in the top then stick in a straw. After Kurt had drank the coconut water (I didn’t like it), we had the man break it open and we scraped the stuff out from inside to eat. It was really good.

Belize 1 158

And of course our lobster dinner. We didn’t end up having it until our last night there. The lobster was fresh from that day and was absolutely delicious. It was very different from the lobster we’ve had on the East Coast, but I actually liked it better. It seemed meatier, though it was kind of freaky looking.

Belize 1 390

We ate well while we were away. For the most part the food was fresh and healthy, though slightly lacking in vegetables. Everything was complexly spiced, yet seemed so simple. Amazing. I really could eat rice, beans and tortillas every day.

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