Garden Update

While we were away the garden did surprisingly well. There was enough rain in the area to flood quite a few basements (ours was fine) so it seemed to make the plants happy. We were able to harvest a bunch more kale. Our strawberries are done, but the plants grew substantially. Sadly I only got to eat two strawberries since the rest were nibbled on by some creature and by the time were covered them in chicken wire they were done producing for the year. Our tomato plant has flowers and our pepper plants have tiny peppers. The beets had died from something, but they came back nicely while we were gone (making us think it was probably us killing them) and the potatoes, leeks and onions are huge. Harvest time should be pretty good!





The rose bush that is growing in the yard looks great. I don’t usually like roses, but this one has no smell (which is a good thing to me and my sensitive nose) and it just looks so pretty with all of the flowers in full bloom that I can’t help but like it. The only thing that is behind is our lilies. Everywhere else in town is full of beautiful, colourful lilies (they seem to grow like weeds here), but ours only have a couple of flowers open. They should be all open next week, but we will be out of town and will miss it! I’m so glad we finally have a backyard of our own.


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