Belize- A Quick Overview

We made it back! It was sad to leave, but nice to be home. Especially considering my sunburn. I will do a few posts on our trip focussing on specific things, but for now, I just thought I’d do a quick snapshot.

Belize 1 112

The first half of our trip was spent in the jungle, in a little town called Succotz, just outside the Guatemala border. It’s not a super touristy area, so it was great because we really got to see how people live there. We ate a whole lot of beans and rice with corn tortillas.

Belize 1 257

We visited three Mayan sites while in this area. They were astounding in their vastness. It was really amazing to learn about this culture and to see how advanced they were. One of the sites was a cave where the Mayan’s made human sacrifices. The formations in the cave were beautiful and it was definitely a challenging experience.

Belize 1 314

For the second half of the trip we headed out to the islands. We stayed in a little oceanview cabana on Caye Caulker. It was nice to experience the slow island way of life. We swam, watched for fish from the pier, ate fish and went snorkeling on the reef. Fantastic.

We found Belize to be a great place to travel because the food is great, the scenery is breathtaking and the people are genuinely nice. We never felt unsafe or taken advantage of. Also, they speak English, which helps!

I will try to post more details about our trip once a week.

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