Real Homes- Guest Room

The first room for my Real Homes series that I would like to share with you is our guest room. This is probably my favourite room in the house, not because we use it the most, but because I’ve put the most thought and care into it.



It isn’t a big room, so there are only two pictures. The quilt (though in the picture above it is flipped over so that the back is showing) and curtains I made myself. The dresser was something I bought on kijiji and then sanded down and painted. The photo heart wall was another of my creations. The pictures on the dresser (though hard to see) are something Kurt drew for me for a project in school.

We haven’t done anything with the floors (stay tuned…) or the paint. We really love the colour so we will keep it for now, even though there are holes and other problems with the walls.

Anyways, I really love this room and I love when people come so that they can stay in it and enjoy all of the handmade goodness!

Remember, if you have a room that you would like to share just send me an email at

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