Freezing Strawberries

Strawberry season is short. If you don’t pay attention to when the fields are open, you may miss it. Luckily, I drive by the farm where we pick fairly often, so I can stay on top of it. Despite rain and partly flooded fields, we headed out to pick one evening. We picked about 12 litres (two big baskets), as well as two bellies full. We saved some for strawberry shortcake, but since the rest we froze. We only really use strawberries in smoothies and for eating with granola so frozen is what works best for us.

The first thing I did was dump half a basket’s worth into a strainer and washed them well. Next I cut the green off, and checked for any yucky spots. Once cleaned I placed each one on a cookie sheet. When the cookie sheet was full without the berries touching, I popped it into the freezer. I can fit one cookie sheet in the top of my freezer and two round cake pans in the baskets below. Once the strawberries were thoroughly frozen I took them off the pans and put them into large freezer bags. This way we can take out however many we need since they aren’t frozen together. We got 3 large freezer bags worth. Now we can enjoyed strawberries that we picked and processed ourselves, hopefully all year long!






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