Wedding Registry

Well with a little more than a month to go before the big day wedding gifts have started to arrive. While it’s very exciting to get all of this cool stuff, we tried to be very careful and aware with our registry. Having already lived together for several years and now for a few months in our own home, we already have most of what we will ever need. I didn’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff that would have to be stored, just for the sake of people getting us gifts.
The things we put on our registry were not necessarily things that are traditionally given for weddings, but they were the things that we needed. We do have some of the traditional items like a set of dishes (fiestaware) and some linens, but we also have things like a wheel barrow and a composter.

I think that your wedding registry, like your wedding should reflect you and the type of life that you live. We don’t want fancy, expensive things, we are happy with hand me downs or thrifted items. Honestly, that was what made choosing items difficult for me, because I knew that the places offering the registries were charging more than you might pay elsewhere. Most of our guests know us well and will hopefully be okay with the unconventional nature of our registry (and wedding) and hopefully those few guests that don’t know us well will just give us cash! Just kidding….

Here’s our awesome dual-batch rolling composter that we recently received and laboriously put together.



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