Real Homes

Do you ever get the feeling that you are the only one that lives in a house that isn’t perfectly perfect? Do you see houses on Pinterest and blogs and websites that are bohemian and creative and just exactly what you’ve always wanted, only have no idea how to create? Maybe it’s just me. Sometimes I stare longingly at these pictures of rooms that are simple yet astoundingly beautiful in their design. I Pin these pictures and hope somehow that the beauty will creep out of my computer and into my own house. Because, let’s face it, my house doesn’t look like those pictures. It’s usually messy. My frames don’t all match. My throw pillows aren’t all different yet somehow perfectly coordinated. Actually the only throw pillows we have either came with our couch or cost 99 cents. A lot of our furniture is thrifted or hand me downs, and not all of it in the shabby chic kind of way.

I’m beginning to realize that that’s okay. My house doesn’t have to be picture perfect, as long as it is my home. I will no longer feel bad about it, or worry about, or try to make it look like the pictures. It is lived in. It functions for us (most of the time), and it contains the things that we love, even if all of those things aren’t perfect. I am going to embrace my real home and I am encouraging you to do the same.

If you have pictures of a room you love and the story about why you love it please email me at

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