The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

On Saturday we travelled a little over an hour East to Picton to attend the Great Canadian Cheese Festival. It was our first time attending, but it probably will be something we will attend again. There were over 200 vendors, selling mainly cheese, wine and preserves. I think I ate about 20 pounds of cheese. Or at least it felt like it by the afternoon. We actually didn’t even buy any cheese to take home because we didn’t want to carry it around in the heat (it was sooooo hot) all day so we planned to buy before leaving, but I was so cheesed out that I really didn’t want to buy anything and the one Kurt wanted to buy was sold out.

My favorite was probably the varieties of sheep’s cheese from Best Baa Dairy. I also enjoyed the Belgian Chocolate Brownie I bought to take home from Yummy Cookies.


I also got to milk this plastic cow, so that was cool.


All in all it was a fun day out. Next year we might attend some of the lectures, hopefully they aren’t so expensive!
It’s nice that we live in a region that celebrates the food it produces through unique and enjoyable events such as these!


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