Thrifting Patiently

For a while now I kept seeing these little shelves shaped like houses for hanging on the wall. I kept pinning them (here, here, and here) thinking they were so cute.

Anyways, I thought about building one, but we don’t have a saw so that couldn’t happen. I tried to someone to build one for me. That didn’t work out either. I couldn’t seem to find anywhere to buy one online. I had pretty much given up hope and had, instead, taken to looking at the pictures once in a while.

The other day I walked into one of our thrift stores ‘Bibles for Missions’ on a whim on the way home from the library. I was looking for a small table for beside the guest bed. There it sat, a house shelf! It didn’t look very pretty, it had some stickers and marker on it from its previous life, but it was just what I wanted! And only $3.99. I took it home and gave it some paint. Here it is now:
Sitting pretty on my wall with its new inhabitants.
I would say this is a thrifting victory!

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