Menu Wedding Planning

I am in the midst of trying to finalize wedding plans. It’s pretty difficult since about half of our guests haven’t RSVP’d yet. My fault, I know, since I forgot to include a deadline for responses on the invitation.
We are doing the food ourselves, with some help from family. We’re trying to keep things simple. Since it will be a late lunch we don’t need as much, or as fancy food. We are going to bbq, making homemade sausages and hamburgers. There will be salads and a cheese plate. For dessert we are either doing pies or strawberry shortcake as well as fruit and cookies.
Right now I’m in the process of making lists. I need a menu list, a ‘who’s in charge of what list’, and shopping list. I think I’m going to try asking people what they want to be in charge of rather than assigning jobs. That way people can do what they are comfortable doing. I also don’t want anyone to take on too much since this might impede them from fully enjoying the day.
By doing the food ourselves we are cutting costs drastically, keeping things simple and we are able to create exactly the type of wedding that we want.
If anyone has any ideas, other than threats, for getting people to RSVP sooner, please let me know!


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