Finally- Black Bean Brownies

This is the recipe that almost did me in. Four time I tried this recipe. Seriously. Turns out the secret (again) is actually following the recipe.

These brownies are delicious. They are chocolaty, a little crispy around the edges and gooey in the middle. Unbelievably, the are also healthy and super easy to make. I’m not kidding.
The first time I tried the recipe I forgot to measure my beans. The brownies turned out good, but they were more like muffins.

The second time I tried the recipe I used two eggs. The third time, one egg. Muffins again.
Yesterday I followed the recipe to a t (that’s a lie though because I used regular white sugar). I used the correct amount of beans, I made the flax eggs. Shockingly, the turned out perfectly. So perfectly that they were all gone within an hour.

This will be my go to brownie recipe. If you follow it correctly it will not fail you.
I didn’t take a picture of my brownies because I was too busy eating them, but in case you were wondering I put walnuts on half and chocolate chips on the other half. The chocolate chips taste better, but with the nuts you can convince yourself that the brownies are healthy enough to eat for breakfast.


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