Mary Mary Quite Contrary….

Our garden (or should I say, random vegetable patches throughout the yard) is doing wonderfully. I’m very proud of all of those little green shoots. This is our first year having a garden of our very own at our new house. This year we didn’t plant very many things since we plan to be away a lot. We tried to focus on low maintenance plants and fall harvesting plants. We have strawberries, blueberries, leeks, beets, carrots, potatoes, garlic, kale and peppers.


Our weirdly tall strawberry plants (planted from shoots from a friend’s yard)


Little beets.


Our first kale harvest of the year!


First garden kale salad of the year, with Homer looking sad that he cannot enjoy said salad. Poor guy.

Seed Favours

Another thing crossed off the list. I finished the wedding favours! It was really simply once I actually got around to it.


The things I used were glassine bags from etsy (can’t seem to find the shop right now), two types of washi tape from here
, a stamp from Michaels and a mix of wild flowers seeds. I made the mix of seeds by buying a bunch of different seed packs and mixing them together. I would recommend trying to buy an actual bag of wildflower seeds if you can find them because it takes ALOT of little seed packets to get anything at all. You could even do herb seeds, though you may need to provide some growing instructions


Daisy helped.


All I did was scoop a little bit of seed mix into each tiny bag, roll down the top then add a bit of tape. Afterwards I lined them all up and stamped them (I could do 4 bags with each ink application). I had to leave them out to dry for a while because the ink smeared fairly easily.



At the wedding I will have them displayed in some way with a sign saying something like “Spread the love. Scatter and enjoy”.

This was a really inexpensive project and it didn’t any more than an hour from beginning to end, but it is something handmade and special that reflects the nature of the wedding.

Now onto the next project!

Week Wrap Up

I’m trying to get stuff done. We got the master bedroom painted. That was a huge accomplishment since each wall had about a thousand holes that needed to be plastered. I’m not kidding. I think the previous owner used every available surface as a dart board. We still have no trim because. We’re just going to live without it until we replace the floor and window. The colour looks really purple in the picture, but it’s actually a soft blue.


This weekend we were planning on going to an heirloom plant sale, but it’s been cancelled. Just as well, because other things have quickly filled the time slot. I’ve discovered a new farmer’s market that we’re going to check out on Saturday and then it’s off to the passport to get a new one before the trip. Hopefully that doesn’t eat up the whole day!

I hope your weekend is sunny, restful and wonderful!


There are 24 days of school left. That’s very few days to get all of my lists done. I have a wedding list (find a florist, make favours, figure out the food), I have a trip list (finalize schedule, figure out vaccines, confirm hotels and excursions) and I have house stuff list (make bedroom curtains, make a pot rack, paint chalkboard wall, poke holes in our empty pool that we’re demoing so that it doesn’t fill up again while we are gone).
I only have a few weeks to finish these things and more before school ends, because then life will happen rapid fire. I think I need a serious game plan to pull this all off! If anyone is available to do become my personal s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ , errr, I mean assistant for a few weeks just let me know!

Weekday Meals

Here’s your weekly 20 minute throw together meal:
Stir-fry with Peanut Sauce


This recipe is great because it really isn’t a recipe. You basically take whatever vegetables you have in your fridge that need to be used up (in this case red cabbage, yellow pepper, green beans, zucchini, celery, an onion and some soft tofu). You chop them up and throw them into a wok or big pan with a wee bit of oil. Have the heat on high and keep the vegetables moving by shaking or stirring.

In the meantime boil some water in a pot and add soba noodles (ours are portioned with little bands of paper. This makes life easier). Cook for the recommended time. Strain the noodles, then rinse them (they get gummy otherwise).

I can’t think of another phrase for in the meantime….Get a bowl, put in about a cup of natural unsweetened peanut butter (or more depending on how many veggies you have). Add about a teaspoon of sesame oil and one of soy sauce. Put in some chili flakes. Add water and stir very gentle (it will splash everywhere otherwise) until it reaches your desired consistency.

Assemble and enjoy!


It may seem like a lot of steps, but it really is a quick, healthy meal!

Note: When you buy soba noodles, check the sodium, many brands have a ridiculous amount of salt in them.
Note 2: If you use cabbage and tofu together, and plan to eat left overs the next day, be prepared for your tofu to look like mold. It will absorb blue from the cabbage. A nice disgusting surprise for my lunch at school!

Long Weekend

Thank goodness the weekend is here, and extra thanks that it is a long week. Monday is a holiday. It seems that as the weather gets nicer the day stretch on and the weeks take forever. Then the busy weekends seem to fly by. This weekend I am trying north to my Nana’s. My mom is going to. My Godmother is going to be altering my wedding dress for me and then we will spend the rest of the weekend just hanging out. I will return Sunday so that I can have a restful Monday.
Yay for long weekends! I hope you enjoy yours even if it is a normal length one!