30X30 Challenge

Tomorrow is the first day of May (I’m sure you already knew that though). I’ve found this great challenge for the month of May. It’s been created by the David Suzuki Foundation and the challenge is to spend 30 minutes outside every day of the month. Once you join they give you great tips and ideas for keeping your time outside interesting. Some days this will be easy for me because as a teacher I spend a lot of time outside with the kids in the spring. Other days will be tricky because we get a lot of rain here this time of year. Maybe I will have to invest in a pair of rain boots!

Directly behind our house there is a conservation area with a river and walking trails. I literally only have to walk through a gate at the end of the backyard and I am in nature. This challenge will be great for spending more time there. It will also encourage me to get more exercise and spend less time in front of screens. The 30X30 website has a lot more information on why spending time outside it good for you. I will let you know how it is going throughout the month, and any changes I notice.

P.S. I finally joined Instagram, I can’t figure out how to leave a link (I’m finding the thing a little tricky to navigate), but you can search for me at tisty82.

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