Organic Produce

The other day this year’s EWG Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen List was released. Like every year I looked it over and panicked. “Oh no, most of the things that we buy and eat every week made the top…again.” That is scary, not only because of the potential health consequences, but because of the ecological ones. Fear, however, is not the solution, only a by-product. Action and change are the solution.
Since the list came out I’ve been trying to pay closer attention to the organic sections at the grocery stores near us. It is not so reassuring. We do have options, but many of them are prohibitively expensive. Kale, for instance, is available at Metro. Conventional is $2.99 for a huge bunch which would easily last us the week. Organic is $3.99 for a tiny bunch, of which we would have to buy two for the week. Some things are doable, apples, celery and spinach are fairly easy to find and are not much more than conventional. Organic grapes, cucumbers and peaches, though, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them for sale. Strangely (or maybe not so) garlic, kiwis, avocados and bananas, all which are on the Clean 15 are easy to find in organic and not too expensive.
So, what’s the solution? I really don’t know. I guess for now we will just do our best to buy the few things that we can organic and otherwise try to focus on the Clean 15. We already regularly buy a lot of those things (onions, avocados, sweet potatoes). Once the farmers’ markets begin I also plan to talk to the vendors and ask what their policies are. We’re also planting some stuff ourselves, though this is our first time so we don’t know how it will turn out.
Otherwise, we just have to eat healthy and hope that our food isn’t killing us, or the planet because in this world of industrial farming, it is pretty difficult to break the chemical habit.

P.S. Check out this guy and what he’s doing to improve his food situation.


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