Tie Up Curtains

So far our guest room is the most ‘finished’, meaning we’ve actually put some stuff on the walls and I have put some level of thought into making it cohesive. We’ve actually had a few people stay here since moving in and since more are expected, I decided it was time for curtains. Though I hate to block light in any way, people seem to enjoy having windows covered, so to keep our guests happy I looked into it. It turns out nice blinds or other coverings for giant windows are fairly expensive. I thought about it and figured I could easily make curtains. The next step was to look through my fabric stash (since we have no good fabric stores in town). I found what I wanted to use. I held it up to the window to measure and it was much too little fabric. The problem was, I had decided that this fabric was perfect and nothing else would work. I had bought it at JoAnn’s a while back, so I checked online. The only place that had it was Etsy, and it would have cost me $10 per yard, plus $20 in shipping. Yikes. Not happening, especially since I think I would have needed 2 more yards (though I don’t actually know what a yard is, so I can never be sure). I spent some time looking online and finally found a solution. They were going to be a cross between colour blocked curtains and ribbon tie-ups.
I really couldn’t find instructions on exactly what I wanted to do so I had to wing it. There was a lot of staring at fabric, then staring at the window involved. There was also way to much math. Other than the math and my sewing machine and I coming to odds for a while in the middle, it wasn’t too difficult.
So here they are down:
And tied up:
The concept is basically three panels of fabric. Between the top two panels four lengths of ribbon are sewn in pairs a third of the way across and then two thirds across. The front ribbons must be in exactly the same spot at their pair on the back. Once they are were sewn together I hemmed all the way around and then added the pocket. I used a tension rod and measured the pocket by sticking the rod on and pinning, then making sure it would come out. Measuring would probably also work well, if you don’t like to do things the hard way. They block the light fairly well and I think they look good with the paint colour. It’s a good way to make curtains using the smallest amount of fabric.
Now I just have to figure something out for our 7 foot wide bedroom window.

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