Small Home/Self Improvements

This past week we got quite a few things done. The most notable (in my opinion) was installing a dual flush converter on one of our toilets. This not only fixed the leaky valve, but it should save some water in the future. We also bought a gas stove (used). Our new house had a gas line in the kitchen, but came with an electric stove. We thought it would save on utility costs. I’ve never cooked on gas before so I think I will have to adapt.

We were not successful in using up the turkey. We didn’t even really come close. I think someone was secretly adding more to the fridge as we were taking it out. I also haven’t been feeling the best from eating so much meat so I think it will have to go into the freezer for another time. Most likely to be thrown into soup and such.

I signed up for knitting lessons that start next week. I had tried to learn knitting on my own a while back, but it got really frustrating when I had a problem, or made a mistake and I had no help. I’m very excited, but also nervous. I’m slightly worried that everyone there will be triple my age, but we’ll see!

This weekend we are going to a food festival in Toronto. I’m looking forward to learning some things and eating some things. Hopefully it will be as good as Stratford’s food festival.

I will report back next week! Have a great weekend.


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