Spicy Thai Noddles

I found this recipe the other day on Pinterest and I thought it looked interesting. Actually, I thought it looked so good that I made it a couple of days after finding it rather than letting it sit and collect dust on my Recipes to Try board like usual.
I did change it quite a bit and have issue with the measurements, but the essence of the dish remained the same.
First off, I cooked some soba noodles. I drained them and then poured the sesame oil into the pan, I didn’t put as much as the recipe called for because that seemed like waaaay too much. I probably used a quarter of a cup. I added the chili flakes (a little more than a tbsp). I cooked this for a bit then strained out the chilis. I added some soy sauce and honey (again not nearly as much as the recipe called for). I put my noodles back in the pan and then added some vegetables. I put broccoli, snap peas and zucchini. I cooked this for a little while than added the sauce. Even though I reduced the measurements I still had way too much sauce so I cooked it all for about 10 minutes to reduce the sauce. I added shredded carrots, green onions and chopped peanuts as a garnish.
Whether it is because I reduced it, didn’t have enough noodles or am just a wimp I don’t know, but it was spicy! If you make this be very aware of how much chili flakes you use. I’ve never used this ingredient before so I didn’t know what to expect. Now I know!
It was still really tasty and flavourful. I really like that it was different from anything I've made before. I also think that the recipe can be adapted really easily by substituting the sesame oil in the sauce. I have plans for this recipe!


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