Another Veggie Burger Recipe

I know, it seriously is beginning to look like I have a problem. The strange thing is, we never used to make burgers. I always thought they were way too much work. Now that I’ve realized that you pretty much throw anything in and it tastes good, I’m down with it. Also, having a food processor makes it so much easier. I’ve been sticking with the one grain, one vegetable theme and it seems to work well.
This time I went with butternut squash and quinoa. Why? Because they were both lying around begging to be used. I roasted the squash and cooked the quinoa then threw them both in the processor with some random fridge stuff (apple sauce, grainy mustard, ketchup, etc), added some cumin.
I mixed in some bread crumbs to make it a little less sticky. We cooked them in the cast iron then put them in the oven for a bit.
We made delicious flat bread buns with inspiration from this recipe

They were great, especially since you can pretty much top them however you want. As far as I know they are also vegan! Try it, or just try the method: be free in your veggie burger making!

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