Sincere Wedding Invitations

As I’ve mentioned before, we are in the process of planning our wedding, which will be taking place in July. Last week we tackled one of the biggest jobs, the invitations. I knew from looking around online that these can cost a huge amount of money and I really wanted to avoid that, so here’s what we did.
I browsed around to get some ideas of what I liked. I wanted them to be simple, to set the tone for the day, I also wanted them to be fun. I designed the invitations on Word, because I am familiar with it and couldn’t use Kurt’s fancy programs. I used different fonts and colours to make it fun, and included some really simple graphics. I put the really important information on the card, and included a website where everything else could be found. My mom was worried that older people wouldn’t be able to access the website, but they can also call us or get help from someone else.

I designed the invitations so that 3 would fit on a piece of 8.5×11. This way we saved paper. We were going to print them at home, but for a better quality of colour we went to Staples and had them do it on cardstock. It cost less than ten dollars. We used an exacto knife and cutting mat to cut them down to size.

I addressed them all by hand. I know it’s nice to have fancy labels or stamps, but I really don’t think that is a sensible use of money when on a budget. I’d rather put the money into thing that people will remember, not something destined to be garbage. I did buy a cute stamp at Michaels to put on each envelope. I also just bought plain white envelopes at the dollar store. This was mostly because I couldn’t find coloured envelopes in standard size.
After everything was addressed and stamped we added personal messages on the backs of the invitations. For more distant family and friends it was a simple ‘hope you can make it, we’d love to have you there’, that sort of thing, but we made it more personal for closer people.

The biggest cost was actually the stamps so my advice for this is to buy them really early since they are always going up in price. I didn’t get special one’s either.

So, there you have it, our way of making cheap invitations special.


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