Butternut Squash Soup

We’re still trying to make it through our Fall squash. I think next time we will buy a bunch of small squashes instead of 2 giant monster squashes. I wanted soup and we didn’t have very many veggies, so I busted out the butternut. My method was to saute onions, chopped celery, and garlic. I chopped and peeled some of the squash, then threw that it. I added water, then a spoonful of chicken base (it’s like really concentrated stock, a paste almost). I put in a bay leaf, salt, pepper and a little tomato juice then left it for a while. After the squash was soft I pureed it and added cumin, chili powder, chopped kale and some Isreali couscous. I let it simmer a little longer for everything to cook down.

We ate it with corn muffins. It will filling and delicious, but there were enough flavours in it for the squash to not be overpowering (a problem I often have with squash soup).



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