Weekend Haps’

I know, it’s Tuesday, but I have the flu and didn’t feel up to posting until now. This weekend was a busy one for us. We had some social engagements to go to, Kurt made two kinds of cheese, we went to see a bunch of houses, and we had an unexpected visitor in the house.

First things first, here is one of the cheeses:

It’s feta. We haven’t tried it yet because it has to sit in brine for a while. We did try the chevre and it was wonderful.

Our realtor took us out Sunday to see a bunch of houses for sale. There was one that we really liked and one that we potentially liked but we couldn’t get inside because the key didn’t work. The first one has already sold. Real estate is a tricky business.

As for the visitor, here he is:

It’s a gecko. I couldn’t get a good picture because there was no way I was opening that container once we got him in it. We have no clue where he came from or how he came to be in our house. There is a lizard store in our complex, but she says she’s never sold this kind before. As for catching him, it was much harder than a mouse because the cats had no interest. The only reason we knew he was in the house in the first place was because I opened a high cupboard, and he fell onto me from the top of the door! They are also really hard to catch because their whole body is a suction cup. We finally got him cornered under a bookcase and after a lot of waiting and failing (he was incredibly fast) we scooped him up in a fish net and put him into a tupperware. Sadly, he wasn’t here long enough to take care of our fruit fly problem.

We would have kept him since he was really neat looking (his eyes were like lightning bolts), but we don’t have any space tanks or other reptiles accoutrement. So, we brought him downstairs to the lizard lady and she took him in. We were nervous because she said big lizards eat house geckos, but she assured us she wouldn’t do this.

So to count that’s been 4 mice, 1 potential corn snake and a house gecko that have stowed away in our house. And we’ve only been here 2 years.


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