Decisions, Decisions

This is going to be a big spending year for us. We are getting married next summer and so the plans for that are, obviously, in the works, plus we are hoping to buy a home. There’s been a lot of researching, calculating and planning going on. When I try to sleep at night lists, and budgets spin around in my head.

The most pressing decision is about our wedding location. We had decided on a place last summer, but I was never completely happy with it. I kept telling myself, it’s fine, we don’t really have any other options. I really didn’t feel like planning any further, I figured location, caterer, done. I realized that it was my displeasure with our location that was making me feel bad about things. So for the past month or so we’ve been researching again. I think I may have found a place. It’s beautiful, a good price and has the type of space we are looking for. Now we just need to decide if we’re okay with walking away from the deposit we paid to the caterer, because this place does their own catering. The amount we would be saving overall is much more than that deposit, so I think financially, it’s not a huge deal. We just have to be sure that this is right decision this time, so that I can feel good about it.

As for houses, we’ve basically been pre-approved, we’re just waiting for some paper work to go through. We’re going to go around on Sunday to look at some houses with a realtor. In Canada you have to have at least 20% of the price of the house for a down payment or else you have to pay a charge to the government, it’s more than $5000, so we’re trying to avoid that if all possible. Every month our savings grow, so hopefully we can save what we need before our neighbours cause me to go insane!

If you have any wedding planning/house hunting advice I’d love to hear it!

Hope everyone is staying dry (we’re going onto our second week of pouring rain) and recovering from the storm!


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