A Little Halloween Madness

Today we were supposed to dress up and go to the Halloween parade, but since it’s pouring out and having your zombie makeup run is no fun, we stayed home. I still wanted to get a little Halloweening in though, so here’s what I did:

I made Homer a shark costume! I wanted to make something for Daisy too, but whenever anything out of the norm happens to her, she deals with it by just falling over, so this kind of takes the joy out of it.

That’s not all I did today though. I wanted to bake something and I’d had this recipe pinned for a while. It seemed easy enough so I went for it.


It’s probably the strangest cupcake recipe I’ve ever seen, but you have to admit, the picture is super cute. Another plus, there are many possibilities for funny names to give them, like dessert dim sum, or sauna cakes.

The only thing I changed about the recipe was that I halved it and used two eggs, plus a little vanilla. I also added some water (about 1/4 cup) because it seemed really gluey.

I used marmalade for the center, and orange colouring, and I cooked them in my rice cooker. I just put some water in the bottom and used the veggie steamer tray. Seriously, a weird recipe.

I really only 25% thought they would turn out. Kurt was even more sceptical. We both crowded around for the big reveal.

They turned out great. They are very light with just a little sweetness. The steaming seemed to treat them well. All except this guy, who couldn’t handle the heat and tossed his marmalade:

Sorry for the sideways picture, it just wouldn’t rotate on the website, grrrrr.

So, is anyone else up to any Halloween madness? Anyone else have a cat shark, and steamed cupcakes? I doubt it! I hope everyone is having better weather than us so you can head out and enjoy the season!

P.S. For some reason half my posts keep disappearing soon after I publish, and since it’s sporadic, I don’t always notice right away. So if you reading a post and it seems to end abruptly please check back the next day, after I’ve had time to re-write it (double grrrr). That way you will get the whole story! In the mean time, I will try to fix the problem. Sorry, and thanks!


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