The Case of the Missing Curd

I had been meaning to make lemon cupcakes since September. There had been lemons sitting in the fridge for probably bordering on too long so I decided to finally get on it. I looked up a few recipes and decided to go with a vanilla cupcake filled with lemon curd. I made the curd the night before because it felt like it was going to be a lot of work. Turns out it was quite easy, just double boil some eggs and lemon juice than drop in some butter. Not only was it easy, it’s delicious and gorgeous. Seriously.

I’ve never had any sort of curd other than cheese before, because frankly, I don’t think the word curd and any sort of fruit go together. It’s a gross word. Something of such beauty deserves a nicer word.

So, I finished the curd, convinced myself to finally stop eating it and put in the fridge. Yesterday, I conquered the cupcakes. The recipe I used was easy, but weird. It said to mix the sugar with the flour, and the butter with the wet ingredients. This led to giant chunks of butter that wouldn’t mix in. I think the sugar usually acts to grind down the butter chunks. This didn’t affect the baked cupcakes, it just make the batter unpleasant to eat!

As the cupcakes were cooling I started prepping my fancy new piping bag and metal thingy and put in the curd.

I filled the cupcakes as I was instructed by several videos that I watched: push the tip all the way down into the centre of the cupcake and slowly pull up while squeezing. It seemed to go well. I checked the bottoms just in case it poked through, but it hadn’t.


Remember this picture.

Next, I made the icing. I wanted to try a boiled icing because it doesn’t use butter and I hate using so much butter in one recipe. It didn’t go well. It was runny and tasted like pure sugar. That’s all I will say about that.

We were excited to try them. I was really looking forward to that centre of gooey goodness. Kurt ate his faster than me and commented that I must have missed the curd in the one he got. I was sure I did them all. I took one bite, then two, approaching the curd-filled centre. Then three, then four. No curd. The only evidence of curd in my cupcake was a tiny little yellow dot in the underside of the icing. Where did it go?

I figure that somehow it absorbed into the cupcakes, because they do have a slightly lemony flavour. The really strange thing is that there doesn’t even seem to be a hole where the thing went in.

So, in closing, I am very disappointed and disheartened from making filled cupcakes again.

If you want to risk the same disappointment (thought I’m sure it was just me), here is the recipe I used. On their own both the curd and the cupcake recipe are really, really good.

Also, if you have some advice on boiled icing, or filling cupcakes, or just have a good theory on where my curd went, please let me know!


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