Something’s Growin’ On

A few weeks ago when I wrote about what I was doing with my bounty of apples I mentioned that I was doing something interesting with the scraps.

I’m making vinegar. I saw this on Pinterest a while ago and was really interested in trying it because it turns waste products into something useful! When I was researching what to do every website I found seemed to have a different recipe or technique so I tried two different ways. It’s only been a few weeks, but already when I open the cupboard the jars are in, I can smell vinegar. I think I will wait at least another week before trying it.

The other project fermenting around here is beets. We got the idea from one of the lectures at Savour Stratford. Apparently it’s fantastic to eat fermented things, kind of like eating natural probiotics. We bought a bunch of beets at the farmers market and used the method from the guy who gave the lecture at the festival. Here’s his website:

He has a blog, but also a bunch of fermenting recipes. We haven’t cracked open the beets yet (or slid of the cheesecloth), but they are definitely looking purple.



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