Thanksgiving Dessert

Thanksgiving dessert is always a huge deal. There is usually one or two pies involved. I would have loved to make something pumpkiny, but sadly, I didn’t have any pumpkin. Plus, Kurt hates pie. I decided to go in the apple direction. I found a tub of caramel spread in the cupboard that we weren’t using and decided to incorporate that also.

Here’s what I made:

It doesn’t look beautiful because the caramel spread was very hard to spread over the cake, but it tasted great.

Here’s the recipe is used:

I halved the recipe, and baked it in a loaf pan thinking that was about half the size of an 8X8. Silly me. The cake was so thin it looked like biscotti when cut. Oh well. I also used apple sauce instead of oil so an extra apple kick (also because I am currently swimming in apple sauce and throwing it into everything I make).

The recipe does have the instructions for making your own caramel sauce, which is probably much better than store-bought, but use what you have.


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