Unplanned Early Thanksgiving

Over the weekend Kurt decided to cook a duck. We used it as an opportunity to have our own little early Thanksgiving. Because we are going to my grandparents’ house for the holiday, we don’t get a say in the food. My grandma has become rather casual about holiday meals over the past few years, so she usually ends up cooking a turkey, a bag of frozen vegetables, mashed potatoes and a bagged salad.

Here’s what we made:

The soup is red lentil butternut squash. I used this recipe to launch from:


The changes I made were the spices. We had curry the night before cooked by a friend who used to live in Kuwait, so instead of competing with that I used more pumpkin pie-ish spices, some nutmeg and cinnamon. It was really good. It’s a really hearty dish that can definitely stand up on its own it you want to make it for a meal.

We also had duck (Kurt made it, so I have no idea what the technique was, other than that it involved oranges), stuffing, veggies, and biscuits.

It was very nice. Personally, I recommend having as many Thanksgivings as you can. Especially you Americans who have to wait until November to celebrate!


One thought on “Unplanned Early Thanksgiving

  1. Lookz like that duck was stuffed with wold mushroomz and cranberriez. Whoever came up with that idea waz bright indeed. I imagine it would have balanced the orange duck quite nicely.

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