(Slowly) Replacing Non-Stick

I hate non-stick pans. They wear out quickly, you have to be careful not to scratch them, stuff ultimately does stick and there’s always that whole cancer thing. Yuck. The biggest problem with replacing it, though, is that the alternatives are expensive and not always good. Over the years I’ve been finding alternatives that I love and slowly replacing my old stuff.

So, here is a list of what we’re cooking with now:

Cast-iron: We have three cast iron pans. Two were passed down to us, and one was purchased new. Although cast iron is a little more expensive than regular, cheap pans, it can last forever if taken care of. On that note, it is a lot more work that other pans. We also have 2 cast-iron enamel pots, which are fantatic for making bread, soup, stews, pretty much anything.

Alternative Non-stick: For Kurt’s past birthday I bought him this:


It is ceramic non-stick, and it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve made eggs in it with no oil and they come off perfectly. They are pretty expensive, but it looks like really good quality. Plus, I bought it for 40% off. If they go on sale again, I would seriously consider getting another one.

Aluminum Wok: We bought this in Chinatown. It works well, but needs to be seasoned like cast iron. It’s great for stir-fries.

Silicone: I have a couple of loaf pans and muffin tins. I’m not crazy about it because it seems to tear easily and is really hard to wash because they always seem to put weird grooves in everything.

Ceramic  Bakeware: Most of my bakeware is now this:


I love it. It’s soooooo easy to clean and seems to bake things more evenly. I just picked up a couple more pieces at Zellers at a major discount since they’re closing.

This basically covers everything. We do still have a few non-stick things kicking around, but they were mainly gifts, which we feel bad getting rid of. Other than that we’re quite happy with what we use and feel much better about not ingesting any non-stick. If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas about things they use and love, please share!

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