Holy Oversized Produce Batman

I love this time of year because we can pretty much all of our produce from local farms and growers. We have a lot of great farms and little markets near our house and when we can we try to go to the local farmers’ market, which is hard since it is Fridays 12-4; terrible. This year we’ve been able to get some great deals and some ridiculous stuff.

For instance, here is a butternut squash we got for 3 bucks.

I think it weighs at least 15 pounds.

We were also given a giant watermelon from a friend’s garden.

We also went apple picking recently. Many of the apples were big, but what always amazes me is the amount of apples that grow on these 5 foot trees. It’s shocking. Here is a picture of Daisy trying to make away with an apple. She loves stealing apples so much that it only took her about a minute from when I brought the bag in the house. She grabs them in her mouth and runs away. I wish I had a picture of that.


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