Wedding Registries

As I’ve mentioned, I will be getting married next summer. I’ve been reading over lists of things to do in planning a wedding. Something that seems quite important is registering for gifts. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I’ve come across a few problems.

1. The stores we like and shop at don’t do registries. It sucks that there is so little choice in the places that do these things, especially because it seems like such an amazing marketing scheme. These stores just have to program a scanner thingy to save registries, and maybe create a website, then presto, they have people spending crazy money. Maybe it’s not that simple, but it would really be nice for more stores to do it.

2. The stores that are okay, that do have registries do not have any locations where more of our guests live. Our families both live in Northern Ontario. I think the only store most people have access to is Sears. I really don’t feel comfortable asking people to pay significantly more for something they can get elsewhere for cheaper. This really frustrates me. Grrrr.

3. I would be happy to do an online registry, which there seems to be many websites devoted to, but then probably a third of my guest list is older people who wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this or wouldn’t know how.

4. We really don’t need to want very much stuff. We have been living together for years and we pretty much have everything. I’ve seen some websites that do experience gifts, like people can give money to put towards a trip or buying a house, but again, these are websites. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

I think that pretty much covers the problems. Now, I have to work on a solution. My cousin got married a few years ago and she didn’t register anywhere. With 2 showers and a wedding this left her with 3 non-matching dish sets, 5 sets of bed sheets, 10 cookie sheets, and so on. Not only did she probably not need all that crap, she probably didn’t like most of it. So clearly, this isn’t a solution.

I think maybe the only answer to register in a few different places. Maybe do some online stuff, some experiences and then a physical registry as well (probably as Sears *shudder*). This way everyone feels comfortable and hopefully we won’t have to buy a storage unit for the bed sheets we get.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Any advice? Am I just over thinking thing?


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