Into the Fire

I’ve always wanted to sew. My mom is great a sewing and I’ve always just gone to her and said, “this is what I want”. This past summer, however, I walked into the fabric store and decided to learn for myself. Not that I have never made anything before, there have been faltering attempts over the years. In particular I remember a sock rabbit that I made for a brownie badge back in the day. This time, I wanted to make a quilt. A queen sized quilt. Which, it turns out, is a fairly big undertaking, especially for a beginner. Here is the final product:

Anyone with cats knows that when there is something new, they immediately have to get in on the action.

Here is a shot of the back, which I love and am slightly sad that it is covered all the time.

My mom helped a lot with the quilt, since I had no clue what I was doing. She would go back and fix any mistakes I made if they were major, but we kept a lot of my crooked lines and small mistakes, because hey, it’s a first attempt and it shouldn’t be perfect.

I also made a baby quilt one day because my mom was at work and I couldn’t proceed on the big quilt without her. I had all the momentum going and didn’t want to lose it. This baby is all me.

I’ve already started thinking about my next projects. I honestly think that it’s like an addiction, solely fed be pinterest and the fabric stores with all of the pretty, pretty patterns. Luckily, we don’t have a good fabric store near-by, so the only fuel for my addiction is the stuff I stock-piled this summer, and at least it’s a productive addiction.

Does anyone else out there have the sewing bug? How do you resist the draw of the fabric store? If Jo Anne’s ever opens stores in Canada I will have a serious problem.

2 thoughts on “Into the Fire

  1. I spend many hours in the fabric stores. I have to look at everything at least twice. I set a budget before I ever go inside…otherwise I’d go broke! It is seriously addictive! Good luck with your sewing!

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